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We have created an environment of relaxation and tranquility, where taking care of the body and rest are the priority.

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Holistic therapy considers the whole person – mind, body and spirit – as a singular entity. This form of treatment is used to help people develop a deeper connection with themselves, which can lead to vast improvements in their self-esteem and self-awareness.


Massage with gentle movements that help reduce stress, improve muscle tension and promote relaxation of the body and mind.

40 min – 1200 MX

70 min – 1900 MX

100 min – 2400 MX


A therapy that combines different techniques, it is a deep and invigorating massage that relieves muscle pain resulting from excessive exercise.

40 min – 1700 MX

70 min – 2400 MX

100 min – 3100 MX


This technique mainly targets the neck, shoulders, and back. Specially designed to work this area since they are the muscles that accumulate more stress and tension.

40 min – 1200 MX

60 min – 1600 MX

Hot Stone Massage

During this incredible therapy, you will receive a pleasant massage with hot stones, which will help to balance your energy, relax your muscles and provide a deep relaxation of mind and spirit.

100 min – 2800 MX


Enjoy this massage created to please your body with different massage techniques. As are Deep Tissue, Swedish, Reflexology and Lomi-Lomi, the perfect combination for your relaxation.

40 min – 1600 MX

70 min – 2300 MX

100 min – 3000 MX


Gentle massage with aromatic and therapeutic oil essences specially designed to relax, balance, detoxify or revitalize body, mind and soul, providing you with a deep well-being. This wonderful therapy balances, restores and revitalizes the central nervous system.

40 min – 1600 MX

70 min – 2300 MX

100 min – 3000 MX


In prenatal massage, a series of techniques are used to mitigate the discomfort of pregnancy, combat leg and back pain, relax the muscles and improve blood circulation, but the most important thing about this therapy is that it contributes to increasing well-being.

40 min – 1500 MX

70 min – 1900 MX

100 min – 3000 MX


Foot reflexology is a massage technique in which pressure is applied to specific points on the feet, for internal and external relaxation of the body. In our body there are thousands of nerve endings and through this manual technique we can stimulate them.

60 min -1500 MX

couples massage

Relax and unwind with a loved one by getting a couples massage at Hare Krishna. Your licensed massage therapists will target both of your individual needs in a tranquil environment. A couples massage is a unique bonding experience, and it allows you both to experience extreme relaxation at the same time. This can help you feel more connected.


40 min – U$D 130| 2600 MX

70 min – 4200 MX

100 min – 5000 MX

Lomi Lomi Massage

Benfits of Lomi lomi massage
Lomi lomi aims to treat the body and mind as one whole
being. It is thought to:
* Release tensión
* Assist blood and lymph flow
* Eliminate waste and stimulate toxins
* Rejuvenate the body
* Instil a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing.
In Hawaii, lomi lomi is used to treat children with upset stomachs and soothe women in labour.

A lomi lomi therapist
will not aim to heal themselves, but to be the facilitator for
healing – to enable healing to take place.


90 min – 2800 MX


At Hare Krishna spa we have selected the highest prestige technology in skin care to offer you unbeatable treatments such as hydrating, nourishing and cell regeneration.


Our therapies consist of the use of Reiki through the imposition of hands and transmission of the energy of the universe and different techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Beauty Salon

Wearing clean and well-cared nails, as well as soft and smooth skin, helps to improve self-esteem and confidence in each person. 

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