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what does it consist of?

Our therapies consist of the use of Reiki through the imposition of hands and transmission of the energy of the universe and different techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine as a healing action through the hands to regulate your energy body, incorporating the use of crystals (Gemotherapy) and essential oils (aromatherapy) to help you raise awareness, realign subtle energies, and balance your energy centers.


Reiki can be considered as a pseudo-scientific discipline, a technique or a modality of alternative medicine that seeks to heal the patient through the laying on of hands. It is based on the channeling of what its practitioners call universal life energy to achieve balance

50 min – 1200 MX

Energetic Cleansing

Smoke is an ancient technique of spiritual and energetic cleansing in which the smoke of various herbs and flowers (sage, lavender, rosemary, roses and many more) is used to purify the energy of the environment or the energy that is within you . This practice comes from ancient Egypt, Babylon and Greece; In Mexico, pre-Hispanic cultures also did it to cleanse the spirit, as well as various cults around the world use it for mystical and sacred purposes.


40 min – 1200 MX

Pendulum Therapy

This is the main session and the first that can be done to someone.
Evaluation of the energetic state of the person: Tests of miasmas, larvae, magic, evil eye, geopathologies, -ve and karma.
Cleaning of all of the above.
Enhance the energy field with high vibration tags.
Finally we will enhance the energy of the electromagnetic field of the person with energies of a high vibratory level.


40 min – 1200 MX

Quartz Therapy

Quartz is pure universal energy (raw material of the universe). It is the DNA of the earth and due to its molecular properties and through an electrical discharge it is capable of transforming, absorbing, balancing and projecting energy in the body with which it comes into contact.


40 min – 1200 MX

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Holistic therapy considers the whole person – mind, body and spirit – as a singular entity. This form of treatment is used to help people develop a deeper connection with themselves, which can lead to vast improvements in their self-esteem and self-awareness.

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Wearing clean and well-cared nails, as well as soft and smooth skin, helps to improve self-esteem and confidence in each person. 


At Hare Krishna spa we have selected the highest prestige technology in skin care to offer you unbeatable treatments such as hydrating, nourishing and cell regeneration.

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We have created an environment of relaxation and tranquility, where taking care of the body and rest are the priority.

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